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Najib’s approval rating continues to drop
27-Feb-2013, Malaysia Chronicle

Public opinion pollster Merdeka Center has reported a drop in prime minister Najib Razak's popularity, falling 2 percent since December last year to 61 percent as at January 2013.

Over the past 12 months, Najib's popularity has steadily declined from 69 percent.

“The survey shows that satisfaction among Chinese and Indians respectively remain at 34 and 75 percent, but among Malays it has dropped 4 percent from 77 to 73 percent,” says the research centre.

The survey was carried out between January 23 and February 6, involving 1,021 voters, and reveals that voters’ rating of the government stands at 48 percent and Barisan Nasional at 45 percent.

“The survey also shows that there is a drop (of support) among the Malay respondents against the government and BN,” it adds.

59 percent of respondents are Malays, 32 percent Chinese and 9 percent Indians.




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