Oxycontin maker Purdue offers US$10-12 bil for opioid claims

Bottles of prescription painkiller OxyContin pills, made by Purdue Pharma LP sit on a counter at a local pharmacy in Provo, Utah. (Reuters pic) NEW YORK: Purdue Pharma, whose prescription painkiller Oxycontin is blamed for much of the US opioid addiction epidemic, has offered US$10-12 billion to settle thousands of claims against the company, NBC […]

Bury cannot appeal over expulsion from league says EFL

C&N Sporting Risk pulled out of its proposed takeover of Bury just a few hours before the deadline to meet the league’s requirements. (Reuters pic) MANCHESTER: Bury, expelled from the Football League (EFL) on Tuesday after failing to provide guarantees about their finances, have no right of appeal against the decision, EFL Executive Chair Debbie […]