Brazilian far-right group claims Molotov attack on ‘gay Jesus’ troupe

Video of attack slams comedy as ‘blasphemy’ perpetrated by left-wing Marxists. (Twitter pic/FatosEsquerda) SAO PAULO: A far-right religious group in Brazil has claimed responsibility for a Christmas Eve fire-bombing attack on the offices of a comedy troupe that produced a Netflix special depicting Jesus as gay. A group identifying itself as “Popular Nationalist Insurgency Command […]

Dong Zong has never opposed Jawi, says rep

Dong Zong representative Ng Chai Heng (second from left) listening to Ikram deputy president Badlishah Sham speak at the forum. KUALA LUMPUR: A Dong Zong representative has denied that the Chinese educationist group had opposed the introduction of Jawi in vernacular schools. “Did we say Dong Zong opposed Jawi? No, we did not. We said, […]