Merdeka Center: PM Anwar’s approval rating at 50pc, driven by concerns over economy | KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 22 — Independent pollster Merdeka Center said Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s personal approval rating has slipped to 50 per cent amid rising concern over the performance of Malaysia’s economy. In its latest survey findings released today, Merdeka Center said 48 per cent of respondents in its October poll […]

Poll: Anwar administration outperforming predecessors in fighting corruption | 22-Nov-2023: KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 22 — Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s government was rated higher than previous administration on efforts to rein in corruption in the country, according to a new Merdeka Center poll. In the independent pollster survey titled “One Year Anniversary of the Unity Government: Survey Rating Outlook,” 37 per […]

Anwar’s popularity dives before anniversary as Malaysia’s economy weighs | 22-nov-2023: SUPPORT for Malaysian Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim has fallen in less than a year of being in power, as concerns over the economy dominate voters’ minds. The premier’s approval rating has dropped to 50 per cent, from 68 per cent in December, according to the Merdeka Center for Opinion Research. The survey, […]

Anwar’s approval rating falls amid economic concerns | 30-Nov-2023 – A survey has found that a growing proportion of Malaysians are dissatisfied with Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim and his administration, mostly due to economic concerns. According to Merdeka Center, only half of the respondents of its poll last month gave Anwar the thumbs up, compared to 43 percent who are dissatisfied […]

Anwar, unity govt’s approval rating down, claims Merdeka Center

PETALING JAYA: Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim’s approval rating has dropped a year into his administration, says research house Merdeka Center. Comparing the results of its late October 2023 survey with numbers in December 2022, Merdeka Center said half of Malaysian voters gave Anwar a positive rating, compared with the previous 68%. Noting that the federal […]

Low approval ratings, dissatisfaction over economy cloud Anwar’s first year in power | 22-Nov-2023: Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim’s approval rating has taken a dip, while dissatisfaction with the coalition government he stitched together after the 15th general election more than doubled, according to the results of a survey released on the eve of his first anniversary in power. The poll, conducted by Merdeka Center late last […]