No surprise Anwar’s approval ratings down | 23-Nov-2023: The latest Merdeka Center survey on Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim’s approval ratings was hardly a surprise.After a year in office, it is very clear that Malaysians are disappointed with the PM’s performance for a variety of reasons. Public expectations were high when Anwar was sworn in as the nation’s 10th prime minister […]

PM Anwar Ibrahim’s Approval Rating Falls By 18%, Merdeka Center Finds | 23-Nov-23: Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s personal approval rating has dipped to 50%, Merdeka Center finds in its recent survey 48% of Malaysians surveyed expressed dissatisfaction with the performance of Anwar’s government. The independent pollster said the decline in support for Anwar’s administration is largely due to concerns about Malaysia’s economy “In […]

Malaysian PM Anwar’s approval drops to 50 per cent amid economic concerns: Survey | 23-Nov-2023: KUALA LUMPUR – One year after coming to power, Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim’s approval rating has fallen to 50 per cent, due largely to Malaysians’ unhappiness over the state of the economy. His approval stood at 68 per cent in December 2022, shortly after he took office in late November, said independent […]