600 Uptown Danau Kota traders hold protest over forced closure

The new business plot that the traders have declined to move to, which is now occupied mainly by outsiders.

GOMBAK: More than 600 traders from Uptown Danau Kota held a peaceful protest today to voice their dissatisfaction over their forced closure.

Traders claim they were given a notice yesterday by the Kuala Lumpur City Council (DBKL) to close their stalls and move to a new plot opposite the current one.

The traders are refusing to move as they claim they were promised a new spot at Genting Klang.

Moreover, the traders claim that the new lot is already occupied by other traders, not originally from Danau Kota.

“The deal was to move all 640 traders to a new plot along Genting Klang, next to the Road Transport Department (JPJ) office.

“We asked the authorities to make that plot (opposite the current one) into a parking lot — not move us there,” said Omar Abdul Hamid, the traders’ representative.

Traders discussing with the police.

Another trader, who declined to be named, said the plot they were forced to move to was built on sewerage land, claiming that it smells bad when it rains.

“And if they are sincerely asking us to move, don’t give the lots to outsiders. Give it to the traders at Danau Kota.

“There are only about 100 traders from Danau Kota on that new plot. The rest are not from Danau Kota,” he said.

Omar said Wangsa Maju MP Tan Yee Kew had never met the traders to discuss the matter.

“We have three associations, but she has never held discussions with us, claiming that we practise gangsterism. We are not gangsters. We are traders who want to make money by selling our goods.”

Police are still at the scene to keep the situation under control. No untoward incidents were reported.

The traders have been allowed to continue their business after discussions with the Wangsa Maju police.