Bitter business woman created half-naked dance storm, say cops

A screengrab of the alleged half-naked dance fest that had taken place on Pulau Perhentian.

BESUT: Police today denied allegations that a half-naked dance fest had taken place in a chalet on Pulau Perhentian, a popular tourist destination, as depicted in several videos circulated on social media since last week.

Besut district police chief Supt Mohd Zamri Mohd Rowi said the videos lasting about 30 seconds each were actually old footage filmed in 2017.

Investigations revealed that the person who created the constroversy was a business woman who had been denied a licence for a massage business on the island.

She had uploaded the footage with the intention of smearing the image of Besut District Council and the state government, said Supt Mohd Zamri.

The videos had reportedly depicted a transvestite as well as several other people in a state of semi-nakedness and apparent drunkenness, dancing on top of a barrel..

The dancer in the video was a local transvestite who had started dancing on the beach under the influence of alcohol. “The dancer was not a performer hired for any show or festival organised on the island. In fact, none of the resorts on the island hosted any parties when this dance supposedly took place,” Mohd Zamri was quoted as saying.