Bridge submerged, 300 in Orang Asli village cut off

GUA MUSANG: More than 300 Orang Asli in Kampung Aring 5 here are cut off after the bridge over the Sungai Aring was submerged by the swollen river last night.

The bridge, which connects the village with other areas, is under more than three metres of river water and impassable for all vehicles after continuous heavy rain from the evening.

The chairman of the village council, Asrul Hussin, 31, said the overflowing river started flooding the bridge around 6pm yesterday but at that time, it was still passable for all vehicles including motorcycles.

“But with the continuous downpour, the river water continued to rise and overflowed and the bridge became impassable for all vehicles from 8pm.

“Until this evening, the bridge is still submerged and there is no sign of the flood water subsiding while it is still raining.

“The villagers’ houses are not affected but they are prepared to evacuate if the situation worsens,” he said.

Orang Asli headman Raina Anjang said the Kelantan Orang Asli Development Department was prepared to send foodstuff to the villagers if the river water was slow to subside.