Cops bar sale of liquor and beer at Kelab PJ diner

Kelab PJ has a membership comprising the middle income, semi-professionals and professional groups. The restaurant there will continue to serve food.

PETALING JAYA: Police today ordered Kelab PJ to stop the sale of liquor and beer at the club restaurant over a movement control order (MCO)violation.

The order followed a raid on the 700-member social club last night.

Club secretary T Ganesh Kumar said the order was confusing as bars at many membership clubs had been operating since reopening on May 4.

He wondered why Kelab PJ was singled out when other clubs, pubs and restaurants were selling liquor and beer openly.

When Ganesh sought clarity from the police, he was told checks were being carried out.

Ganesh said the club had observed the standing operating procedures under the Prevention and Control of Infectious Regulations since it reopened on May 14.

He said the main bar at the club has been closed since March 18 and since reopening, only a mini bar was operational at the restaurant.

Ganesh said the police raid followed a complaint from a member that there was entertainment at the club.

A six-man team from the police headquarters here conducted checks from 9.30 last night. They left upon learning there was no entertainment.

Ganesh said two hours later, an officer called him to ask for the “food establishment licence” to determine which category the club belonged to.

He said although the licence allowed the club to sell drinks, the order was made to halt the sale of liquor and beer until further notice. The restaurant will continue to serve food.

Ganesh said the officer informed him that he was acting on “new instructions” pertaining to the prohibition of sale of liquor and beer issued by the National Security Council (MKN) on May 31.

“We have adhered to the rules but members are not happy that we were singled out,” said Ganesh.

FMT is awaiting a response from the NSC on the “new instructions”.

Kelab PJ was built by the Selangor state government in the late 1960s for the sports and recreational needs of the ever-growing population in the then newly established satellite town of Petaling Jaya.

The club’s president is the Petaling Jaya district officer and he is assisted by the elected members who together form the general committee, which manages the club.

The club currently has a membership of about 700, comprising the middle income, semi-professionals and the professional groups.

The club is an ideal place to relax and unwind with both friends and family while enjoying good food, fun, casual light dialogue and banter.

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