Econsave denies selling imported meat with fake halal logo

Econsave Cash & Carry Sdn Bhd said consumers should not doubt the halal status of Econsave products.

KLUANG: Econsave Cash & Carry Sdn Bhd has denied allegations the meat it sold in its supermarket was linked to the fake halal logo scandal.

Its general manager, Mas Imran Adam, said the supermarket only sold “Allana” meat, a brand shipped directly from India, without going through a third party.

He said Econsave imported the meat several years ago and the product had been certified halal by the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (Jakim).

“I hope the public is clear (about this) and this statement can convince consumers about the halal status of Econsave products,” he said when met after an inspection on imported meat was conducted at the Simpang Renggam outlet here today.

He said there are 11 abattoirs in India and Pakistan that are halal-certified.