Although we are able to conduct surveys in person, our preference is to conduct most surveys via telephone. Our surveys are designed to maximize the advantages provided by this medium as follows:

  • Computerized random selection of telephone numbers – no clustering
  • Randomized selection of respondents (subsequent to designated matching e.g, voters)
  • Pre-tested survey instrument designed by a panel of experts
  • Rigorous procedure of call backs and appointments
  • Personal briefing and supervision
  • Detailed weighting procedure to ensure fully representative final sample

Why telephone? The use of the telephone as the primary means of reaching respondents is feasible in Malaysia. High penetration rates – covering over 4 million household nationwide and the potential of eventually extending such service to mobile phone users – all 7.5 million of them, in the near future makes the use of telephone to extract valuable opinion and feedback from the people a most viable option as opposed to the more ponderous face to face interviewing method or the still unreliable web-based or short text messages using mobile phones polling systems.

Proven accuracy
As demonstrated by our earlier programs, we have been able to successfully predict trends well within the 5% margin of error afforded by our sample.

Better for sensitive topics 
The discreet and randomized nature of telephone sampling and interviewing ensures a high level of privacy for respondents and provides assurance for more accurate responses.

Speed of results 
Telephone surveys provide the fastest rates of producing reliable and accurate results. An interviewing program can be initiated and concluded within a 72 hour period.

Stable and low costs 
Due to our cost effective methodology, favorable rates provided by Telekom Malaysia, targeted sampling and effective survey instruments, we are able to deliver results at a fraction of in-person interview programs.