PSS will be first step to citizenship, claims Umno man

Penampang Umno leader Hasnol Ayub. (Facebook pic)

KOTA KINABALU: Penampang Umno chief Hasnol Ayub believes Putrajaya will have no choice but to eventually grant citizenship to the migrants in Sabah.

Hasnol said citizenship would come once the migrant population are recognised as inhabitants according to Malaysia’s immigration law.

The home ministry has plans to issue the Sabah temporary pass (PSS) from June 1 to 136,055 holders of three other documents as a standardised identification document.

It has previously said that PSS holders would never be granted citizenship.
However, Hasnol said: “Firstly, they will give them the PSS, next the red IC and finally the blue IC, and once the migrants get hold of the blue IC, they would be eligible to vote.

“The norm of any immigration laws, when we recognise the migrants as temporary Sabahans, they would be made permanent residents next and finally be made Malaysian.”

Hasnol made his remarks at a ceramah in Bandau here tonight, on the third day of campaigning in the Kimanis by-election.

He urged voters in Kimanis to deny Warisan a victory and send a message to Putrajaya that Sabahans rejected the PSS.