The number plate CEE841 just sold for RM5,100 in Pahang — can you guess why?

At a glance, CEE841 reads like a vulgar term in the Hokkien dialect. — SoyaCincau pic
At a glance, CEE841 reads like a vulgar term in the Hokkien dialect. — SoyaCincau pic

KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 5 — Pahang’s Road Transport Department (JPJ) has just concluded its online bidding for its CEE licence plate series. After a bidding period of five days, it has raked in RM1.024 million from 424 successful bidders. What stands out from NST’s report is the number CEE 841.

This particular number plate was sold for RM5,100 which is pretty high for a random number. Sure there’s the number 8 which is considered to be auspicious but you also get the dreaded 4 that sounds like death, followed by the number 1.

The highest bid for the CEE series goes to CEE 7 and CEE 9 at RM58,000 each. This is followed by CEE 3 at RM50,000, CEE 8 at RM44,444 and CEE 5 at RM43,000.

Surprisingly, the most popular number plate is CEE 96. It has the most number of bidders at 13 and the highest bidder got it for RM3,800.

Overall, the CEE series has the highest amount of collection compared to the previous CED series which did a total of RM895,940.

The bidding process is done via JPJeBid, an online bidding platform that provides greater transparency from registration to the payment process. With this system, the general public can bid for preferred numbers without going to the nearest JPJ branch. The bidding starts from RM300 for normal numbers and the starting price can start from as high as RM20,000 for golden single-digit numbers.

Payment for the bids can be done via credit or debit cards and the amount will be refunded to your card if your bid is unsuccessful.

The JPJeBid was introduced in April 2019 starting with Federal Territory’s FC number plates and it’s now expanded to cover more states. Two weeks ago, it was reported that JPJ has collected RM15.6 million in total revenue from five states. — SoyaCincau