Win fantastic prizes at Dogathon 2020

Dogathon 2020 is the perfect opportunity for owners to bond with their dogs in an exercise of cooperation. (Dogathon pic)

SERDANG: Get your leash and collar out! Start running more with your dog instead of walking! For the 23rd instalment of Dogathon is upon us and there will be lots of fun, games and prizes for both two and four-legged participants.

An annual event organised since 1997 by the VETERNAK and Zoologico Club of the Veterinary Medicine Faculty, Universiti Putra Malaysia, Dogathon is meant for dogs to socialise and build stronger bonds with their owners.

Speaking to FMT, lead organisers Wong Jun Yong , 23, and Tey Yu Chong, 22, said that the objective of the run is to raise funds for the Pro-Kasih programme which is a catch, spay and neuter programme for stray dogs.

Wong Jun Yong (left), 23, and Tey Yu Chong, 22, head the Dogathon organizing committee this year.

“In addition, we would like to raise pet owners’ awareness on rabies. We encourage owners to learn how to prevent the spread of rabies among dogs,” they said.

The Dogathon’s second mission is to help raise awareness on the state of animal welfare in Malaysia.

For Dogathon 2020, a total of four categories are open to participants, two for male owners and two for female.

Registration of participants is on a first come, first served basis.

Other than the race itself, there will be a variety of activities and booths for dogs and owners to enjoy. (Dogathon pic)

Each sub-category will be open to fifty participants and their dogs, and will be divided based on the size of the dog.

Dogs with a height of 35cm and below will be allowed entry into the small breed sub-category and dogs above 35cm are to enter the large breed sub-category.

Prior to being allowed entry, dogs must first undergo an on-the-spot health check to ensure that they are in the proper condition to run.

The Dogathon race track which winds around Bukit Ekspo on the university grounds has been lengthened to 2.5km this year, say Wong and Tey.

Other than the race itself, there will be a variety of activities and booths for visitors to enjoy. (Dogathon pic)

Other than the race track, a variety of obstacles have also been put in place to add to the challenge that the participants will have to go through.

To ensure the dogs are not overly exhausted by their physical exertions, water bowls will be strategically placed throughout the track.

The only rule of the race is that human participants are not allowed to drag or carry their dogs, so there is nothing much that can be done if your dog decides to plop down on the track for a rest.

Dogs and owners alike will be racing along the 2.5km track around Bukit Ekspo, UPM. (Dogathon pic)

All participants will receive a medal and each sub-category will have five winners who will receive grand prizes consisting of pet products.

Besides the race, there will also be a variety of booths and games for visitors and participants.

“It is a very good opportunity for them to race,” say Wong and Tey. “By taking part in this dog race, they also get freebies from the booths.”

So if you are up to giving your dog a chance to socialise with other furry friends as well as enjoy a healthy outing, start to practise running with your loyal dog by your side.


Date: Feb 23, 2020
Time: 6.30am – 12.00pm
Venue: Bukit Ekspo, UPM, Serdang
Theme: Hairy Paw-tter and the Magical Kingdom