53% Malays unsupportive of rally: Merdeka Center

mysinchew.com | KUALA LUMPUR, 15-Sept-2015 – Do the Malays support the Perhimpunan Rakyat Bersatu tomorrow? According to a survey conducted by Merdeka Center between September 10 and 15 among Malay residents on Peninsular Malaysia, only 24% of respondents are supportive, with 8% very supportive and 10% somewhat supportive. On the other hand, as many as […]

Most Malay Voters Do Not Support ‘Red Shirt’ Rally – Merdeka Center Polls

malaysiandigest.com | 15-Sept-2015 – Independent pollster Merdeka Center has confirmed what many Malaysians already suspected – majority of the Malays themselves do not support the Himpunan Rakyat Bersatu set to take place on Malaysia Day, September 16. In a press release today, Merdeka Center announced the results of a poll conducted between September 10 to […]