Merdeka Center is capable of delivering its opinion research services on the basis of the following survey methods:


  1. Telephone based surveys
  2. In-person (face-to-face) surveys


  1. Focus groups
  2. In depth interviews

To achieve its objectives, Merdeka Center aims to offer the services that can be conducted on a “spot” basis (i.e. one-time survey) or on a longitudinal basis (i.e. a sustained program containing two or more targeted surveys – most suitable at tracking client satisfaction or political trends). Merdeka Center offers the following products and services:

  • Public Policy and Affairs Research
  • Customer or Stakeholder Perception Audits
  • Reputation Management Research
  • Socio-Political Research

Merdeka Center would design and implement surveys, follows by analysis of the raw data collected to develop meaningful social indicators and statistics.