BN hopes to defend all its state seats

BARISAN Nasional (BN) leaders in three of the six states on the peninsula holding elections this year have voiced hope for the coalition to defend all its seats. Ahead of seat negotiations with Pakatan Harapan (PH), the BN leaders in Kedah, Kelantan and Terengganu admitted that was a big ask.

Umno will come out stronger from March party polls in March, say analysts

UMNO will emerge stronger after its polls in March following the clean-up conducted by its president to get rid of all rebels and those who don’t toe the line, analysts said. They said that the massive purge undertaken by Ahmad Zahid Hamidi by either sacking or suspending his rivals and critics had left him as […]

Restaurants agree to serve Menu Rahmah

RESTAURANT operators and other food sellers are ready to support the Menu Rahmah meal plan – introduced by the unity government to ease the poor’s burdens – even if it means reduced revenue for them.   They told The Malaysian Insight that under the programme, they would have to sell the meals at a controlled price – […]

Tech announcements, muted Fed commentary boost US stocks

MAJOR announcements by tech giants of new artificial intelligence offerings helped lift US stocks yesterday, following a rollercoaster session that included Federal Reserve comments viewed as muted on inflation. Both Microsoft and Google parent Alphabet jumped more than 4% after product announcements in what Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella called a technology “race” – boosting US […]

Tough getting the message across

KLANG: Too lazy to walk downstairs to dispose of their garbage, it is common for some flat dwellers and residents of shop apartments to simply chuck it out of their windows or balconies. Read full story

Thorny issue blooming

IPOH: Saying it with roses this Valentine’s Day will hit your wallet even more this time. Read full story

Still plagued by lethal litter habit

KUALA LUMPUR: Last Thursday, a video of a man throwing a whiskey bottle from a high-rise condo­minium unit onto a busy stretch of road here went viral on social media, and people reacted with fury at his irresponsible act. Read full story

MP: Speed up opening of shelter for street kids

KOTA KINABALU: The special shelter for street children in the city should be opened immediately as the problem of their begging antics continues to unnerve motorists, says Chan Foong Hin. Read full story

Court orders man be rehired, with back pay

JOHOR BARU: A former worker from the Pontian health department, whose employment was terminated seven years ago, was all smiles when the High Court here ordered that he be reinstated to his old job. Read full story