Surplus food for thought in Ramadan

Commentary by Mustafa K. Anuar DEPUTY Local Government Development Minister Akmal Nasrullah Mohd Nasir is concerned that 252,521 tonnes of solid waste were collected during the holy month of Ramadan last year against 208,143 tonnes in 2019.

Sosma arrest haunts ex-detainee

SEVEN years after he was arrested under the Security Offences (Special Measures) Act (Sosma), former police officer Mustaza Abdul Rahman is still traumatised by the whole episode. The former mechanic who was attached to the Sungai Petani district police station was 29 years old when police officers from the counter terrorism (E8) unit stormed his […]

Ex-Sosma detainee says jailed 10 years for ‘harmless' post

A “HARMLESS” post on social media landed Mustaza Abdul Rahman in jail for 10 years and earned him the . The former police mechanic told The Malaysian Insight he was a member of a Telegram group known as “Gagak Hitam” which was later renamed “Amanah versus PAS”.

France convicts 11 Kurdish PKK members of terror financing

A FRENCH court yesterday convicted 11 alleged members of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) on charges of terror financing for its campaign to seek autonomy for the minority in Turkey’s southeast. The accused, all Kurds from Turkey who speak little or no French, are suspected of being part of a network that seeks a so-called […]

Ways to preserve male fertility

PETALING JAYA: With sperm counts falling precipitously worldwide since the 1950s, Malaysian men should “reduce the heat” between their legs to preserve sperm quality. Read full story

Should politicians head GLCs?

PETALING JAYA: Appointing politicians as heads of government-linked companies (GLCs) continues to be a point of contention, with analysts taking different stands on this procedure generally practised around the world. Read full story

Raya on a modest scale

KUALA LUMPUR: For many B40 families, preparations for Hari Raya will be minimal. Biscuits and clothes for the children are a priority, but not curtains or sprucing up the home. Read full story

‘Rahmah boutique’ helps the needy

MELAKA: Some 25,000 pieces of clothing have been distributed in a Hari Raya giveaway under the “Rahmah boutique-type” initiative. Read full story