Poll: Sept 16 rally finds little traction among Malays

malaysiakini.com | 15-Sept-2015 – The ‘Himpunan Rakyat Bersatu’ rally has found little traction among Malay voters, according to independent pollster Merdeka Centre. This is despite the rally being touted as a gathering to uphold Malay dignity and to counter the predominantly Chinese Bersih 4, which saw participants stomping on images of Prime Minister Najib Abdul […]

Umno ‘circling’ for foray into S’wak – By Aidila Razak

Malaysiakini.com | 27-Apr-2011 – The presence of Umno bigwigs and machinery during the BN election campaign in Sarawak has raised questions about the peninsula-based Malay party’s role in the state. Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (Unimas) political science lecture Andrew Aeria(right) is of the opinion that Umno will eventually move into Sarawak. “But I dare not say […]

Malaysians clueless on ETP, poll shows – By Leslie Lau

The Malaysian Insider | KUALA LUMPUR, 24-Dec-2010 — Over half of voters in peninsular Malaysia have little or no knowledge about the Najib administration’s Economic Transformation Programme (ETP), a recent survey by the independent Merdeka Center shows. The survey also showed that the majority of Malaysians did not understand such economic initiatives despite their widespread […]

Most Malaysians couldn’t care less for domestic help – By Isabelle Lai

The Star Online | KUALA LUMPUR, 19-Dec-2010 : A large number of Malaysians view their domestic help as servants or maids rather than workers. A recent survey found that a majority of them disagreed with giving workers a day off each week or pay allowances if they were to work more than 14 hours a […]

Sarawak will remain with BN

TheNut Graph | KUALA LUMPUR, 14-July-2010 : The Barisan Nasional (BN) will continue to rule Sarawak for at least two more state elections, said a Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (Unimas) political scientist. Citing the latest Merdeka Center for Opinion Research poll on Malaysian political values, Faisal S Hazis said the perception that the Pakatan Rakyat (PR) […]

Skewed leaders main threat

The Star/Asia News Network | KUALA LUMPUR, 14-July-2010 : Corrupt leaders are the main threat to the position of the Malays and bumiputras, a survey here found. Only 20% of the respondents in the Merdeka Centre for Opinion Research poll felt that the bumiputras’ position was threatened by demands made by other races. The telephone […]

Poll: Pakatan has little prospect in S’wak

TheNut Graph | 14-July-2010 – A mere 11.2 percent of Sarawakians are willing to vote for the opposition, according to a survey by independent pollsters Merdeka Centre in collaboration with Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (Unimas). This may dismiss belief that the recent Sibu by-election, which saw a surprise win by opposition DAP, was a precursor for […]

Pakatan needs 20pc swing to capture Sarawak – By Debra Chong

The Malaysian Insider | KUALA LUMPUR, 14-July-2010 — A five per cent voter swing in Election 2008 saw Pakatan Rakyat (PR) take charge of five state governments in peninsular Malaysia, but the Barisan Nasional’s (BN) rivals in Sarawak will need four times that to unseat the ruling front. Political analyst Faizal Hazis said today that […]

BN will win Sarawak, poll shows – By Debra Chong

The Malaysian Insider | KUALA LUMPUR, 14-July-2010 – A public opinion poll has predicted Sarawak Barisan Nasional (BN) will win big in state polls expected soon, suggesting a recent DAP win in the Sibu by-election two months ago did not indicate waning support for Chief Minister Tan Sri Taib Mahmud’s 29 year rule. Sixty-four per […]

BN Still The Choice For Sarawakians, Survey Shows – By Alan Ting

Bernama Online | KUALA LUMPUR, 13-July-2010 — The Sibu by-election held last May raised some doubts as to Barisan Nasional’s grip over Sarawak but recent poll conducted by an independent body has proved otherwise. According to the survey by the Merdeka Center, the findings of which were released Tuesday, most Sarawakians still support the BN. […]