Drew Barrymore talks nose hairs, acne and makeup

US actress Drew Barrymore. (AFP pic)

NEW YORK: As a world-famous actress and beauty entrepreneur, Drew Barrymore knows a thing or two about makeup. And luckily for her fans, she is generous when it comes to sharing her experience.

The movie star (and founder of Flower Beauty) recently concluded her latest ‘#BeautyJunkieWeek’ social media initiative, which saw her take to Instagram to share her beauty stories and discoveries with her 12.9 million followers.

So, what have we learned?

Firstly, Barrymore shared a video championing the transformative power of makeup, talking honestly to the camera from the makeup chair about the time pressures in life and the pleasure of using cosmetics.

Then, she offered a glimpse into daily life at her beauty company, standing by a mood board showing a variety of models rocking a berry-hued lipstick and explaining: “We always try all of our lipsticks on all ages, all skin tones, all eye colour, all hair colour.”

With typical charm and candour, the star then tackled the thorny issue of nose hairs, admitting that powder gets caught in hers when they grow long.

Barrymore shares beauty stories on ‘#BeautyJunkieWeek’ on Instagram. (AFP pic)

She is then filmed taking a small pair of rounded scissors to her nostrils to trim her hair, before revealing the final secret: using a wet Q-tip to wipe away any trimmings left inside the nostrils.

“It’s those funny little steps that we tend to forget, but when we go out in the world, those little details make a big difference,” she says.

Adult acne also gets a shoutout in the series, with Barrymore filming herself applying a Caudalie Purifying Mask and jokingly lamenting her “prepubescent” skin in the form of a tongue-in-cheek song.

She explains that she likes to concentrate on her pore areas when applying the clay mask, before joking that she’ll leave it on for 30 minutes rather than 10.

Continuing the breakout theme, she shares her discovery that ice is a great way to calm skin after a session of pimple popping.

“I got this huge zit (thank you), and then popped it – best ever – and then, I put ice on it,” she says. “And, this morning, it’s better.”

She explains that although the scar is still red, the ice took away the swelling that usually comes after squeezing blemishes. Her final tip is to use Visine on the area to reduce the redness.

Barrymore’s final tip of #BeautyJunkieWeek is to rock a Flower Beauty ‘Petal Pout Lip Mask,’ for which she films herself wearing the shade “Sangria” and looking fabulous.