Follow Socso, bar politicians from holding posts, TI-M tells GLCs

Transparency International Malaysia president Muhammad Mohan says it is not too late for policies barring MPs from helming GLCs.

PETALING JAYA: An anti-corruption watchdog has called on government-linked companies (GLCs) to follow the Social Security Organisation’s (Socso) footsteps and bar politicians from taking up top roles.

Transparency International Malaysia president Muhammad Mohan said Socso’s regulations do not allow any MP or politician to be a board member, and others should also draw up similar laws.

Mohan told FMT even though many MPs had already been appointed to top positions in GLCs. it was still not too late to draw up such policies.

He said other than Socso, FGV Holdings Berhad also barred politicians from sitting in its board rooms.

“At this point, so many politicians have been appointed (to top positions) simply because there are no restrictions,” he said.

He said every GLC in the country had a good governance system but “like what we have seen before, there have been cases (of power abuse) in GLCs led by politicians”.

To prevent this, he said, all GLCs must strive to follow Socso’s example and restrict political appointments in these companies.

Mohan said if politicians wanted to serve the people and GLCs, they should fight to be members of parliamentary select committees that monitor corruption and good governance.

“There are so many PSCs. They should fight to become members of these committees,” he said.

He also hoped MPs from both sides of the divide would push for an amendment to the Constitution to stop MPs from holding top positions in GLCs.

He reminded politicians to focus on looking after the needs of the people and let professionals and technocrats take on the responsibility of operating businesses and to deliver results.

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