Sacked PKR man says he didn’t have a chance to defend himself

PKR said today Zakaria Abdul Hamid was dismissed because of corruption allegations. (Facebook pic)

PETALING JAYA: Sacked PKR Bera branch leader Zakaria Abdul Hamid has accused the party of taking action againt him without an opportunity to defend himself.

Zakaria said that he had not informed officially yet about his dismissal from PKR, which was announced by disciplinary board chairman Ahmad Kassim after a leadership meeting today.

Ahmad said the decision was reached after allegations of corruption during last year’s party elections were laid against the Zakaria and another Pahang member by the Malaysian Anti Corruption Commission.

Zakaria said in a statement that he was surprised by media reports of his dismissal. He said he was not informed about any disciplinary action against him.

“What’s more, action was taken against me without calling me to defend myself, which is a standard procedure for any political organisation,” he said.

He said he would decide on his next course of action after getting an official explanation from the party.

Pahang PKR leader Fuziah Salleh said the state leadership would abide by any decisions made by the party.