Umno has more Chinese support than DAP, new poll finds

A poll by Emir Research showed only a quarter of Chinese respondents expressing support for DAP.

PETALING JAYA: A recent opinion poll has found that Umno had garnered a higher share of support from Chinese respondents than did DAP, which has traditionally fared well among voters from the community.

Findings released today from an Emir Research survey in August, showed that Umno was by far the most widely-supported party among those surveyed, picking up 42.8% of responses, well ahead of PAS and PPBM with 15.5% and 8.5% respectively.

Broken down by ethnic demographic, Umno was still the most consistently well supported group, with a quarter of Chinese respondents expressing support.

In comparison, just 17% of these respondents selected DAP as their party of choice. The party scored just 1% of support from the Malays.

DAP was the second most supported group among the Chinese polled, followed by independents and MCA.

When asked about the most important factor dictating their vote, 29% of those surveyed put it down to their personal preferences.

Following close behind were party loyalty and affinity for a particular politician, which registered 25% and 24% of responses respectively.