The Firm

Merdeka Center is an opinion research firm established to concentrate the capabilities of a team of dedicated social scientists and professionals in the field of economics, political science, communications, marketing management and civil society.

The Mission

Merdeka’s mission is to act as a bridge between Malaysians and the leading members of society – by collecting public opinion and expressing them through survey results, analysis and position papers.

The Function

Merdeka’s functions include:

  • Conducting social analysis and research with particular emphasis on developing social indicators and data sources;
  • Designing and implementing social, political and economic surveys, including public opinion polls;
  • Disseminating research findings through publications, briefings and other channels with a view to broaden and enhance the quality of public debate, and
  • Assisting clients to understand the issues driving their reputations, and to make their communications work more effectively

The Dedication

Merdeka Center is dedicated to bringing the following benefits of opinion research to various organizations such as political parties, government ministries, departments and local authorities as well as non-governmental organizations.

  • Independent data and information gathering – unbiased information, validation of internal sources of information.
  • Rapid survey results – timely and therefore more cost-effective exploitation of public opinion well ahead of the competition
  • Issue-oriented survey – highly relevant and therefore resonating more effectively with audiences
  • Permits prioritizing news and themes – determination of relative ranking of issues and items of public interest, allows modification of less effective items, avoid damages to goodwill due to misconstrued communications
  • Continual monitoring of public opinion via periodic surveys allows greater flexibility in action and decision making – allows early identification of shifts in public opinion, permits pre-empting trends in public opinion, and more timely and effective treatment of action on issues
  • Strengthens your public profile and standing – effective utilization of opinion polling brings credibility and amplifies the strength of your knowledge and handling of issues
  • Dependability and professionalism – at Merdeka Center, achieving clarity is job number one. That means providing you with information as it appears and as it happens.
Merdeka Center