Battling to break drug addiction

ESTIMATES from the National Survey and Morbidity study in 2019 indicated there are approximately 300,000 drug users in Malaysia. The World Health Organization reported one registered drug user usually has four unregistered users, meaning that the number of drug users in Malaysia may be as high as 1.2 million.

Persatuan Insaf Murni Malaysia (Insaf Murni) is a civil society group established in 2006 and led by its president, Dr Mohamad Khafidz Mohd Ishak. Khafidz, 56, has been treating drug users at his clinic in Kajang, Selangor since 2000. The organisation has 32 employees, 15 of whom are former drug users who have fully recovered. The group is assisted by two doctors from the government and is supported by the Health Ministry (MOH) and Malaysian Aids Council.