For PAS veterans, Umno still the ‘old Umno’, says Youth leader

PAS Youth delegates attend the wing’s congress at Bukit Gambang Resort, Kuantan today.

KUANTAN: A PAS Youth leader today said some veteran party leaders are unable to accept an alliance with Umno as they believe it is still the Umno of old.

Deputy Kedah PAS Youth chief Nasrun Othman said efforts to reach an understanding should be prioritised ahead of the next general election.

“PAS Youth is committed to ensuring victory in GE15, but we have to have a clear understanding with our friends from Umno,” he said at the PAS Youth muktamar here.

“We must also realise that these veteran members do not agree to working with Umno because they do not understand. They see Umno as the Umno of old, but we are confident that if there is an understanding, they can stand with us in the fight for Islam.

“We are willing to forget the past because we wish to govern the country with Islam.”

Nasrun said any decision for PAS and Umno to work together must be based on certain conditions.

These include making PAS the “captain” to ensure the continued defence of the Quran and sunnah.

“On what basis should PAS and Umno unite? For the sake of Islam. That is our goal, but we must make sure that such cooperation is truly sincere, as said by our Youth chief,” he said, referring to Muhammad Khalil Abdul Hadi.

He also warned members against chasing after positions and status, saying this would prevent PAS and Umno from truly uniting.