Merdeka Center survey sample small, says Anwar

Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim questioned the sample size of the survey by Merdeka Center. | 24-Nov-2023: PUTRAJAYA: Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim has downplayed the findings of a survey which showed a drop in his approval rating and that of his administration.

Anwar said the number of respondents interviewed in the Merdeka Center poll was a relatively “small figure”.

“The survey involved 1,200 people, and we take heed.

“But we need to engage 32 million people,” he said, referring to the country’s population.

On Wednesday, the research house reported that Anwar’s approval rating had dropped a year into his administration.

Comparing the results of its late October survey with numbers in December 2022, Merdeka Center said half of Malaysian voters gave Anwar a positive rating, compared with the previous 68%.

Dissatisfaction, particularly over the economy, rose to 43% from 19% while 60% thought the country was heading in the wrong direction, the survey found.