Poll shows discontent over Aminulrasyid case – By Lee Wei Lian

The Malaysian Insider | KUALA LUMPUR, 09-June-2010 — Nearly 60 per cent of respondents in a new poll by Merdeka Center were dissatisfied with the police handling of the April shooting of a 14-year-old-boy in Shah Alam.

Aminulrasyid Amzah created headlines when he was shot in the head following a car chase with the police on April 26. The shooting sparked outrage nationwide and anger over the incident had also spilled over into cyberspace.

Facebook groups both demanding justice for Aminulrasyid as well as a “Kelab penyokong polis diraja Malaysia” (Malaysian Police supporter’s club) were set up a day after the shooting took place, each garnering thousands of supporters.

For its survey, The Merdeka Center polled 1,028 voters in Peninsular Malaysia between May 6 and 16.

Of the total polled, 58 per cent said that they were dissatisfied with the way the police handled the case, 25 per cent said they were satisfied while the rest said they did not know or declined to give a response.

Dissatisfaction was highest among Chinese at 70 per cent, followed by Indians at 64 per cent and Malays at 50 per cent.