Sarawak Polls: Merdeka Center survey does not show BN support

The Star Online | BAU, 19-April-2016 : The outcome of the recent Merdeka Centre survey on the popularity of the Sarawak Chief Minister does not reflect support for Barisan Nasional in the upcoming state election, says Sarawak DAP chief Chong Chieng Jen.

Chong told reporters that the survey only reflected the sentiment of the ground “before the heat of the elections”.

He spoke to reporters at the launch of the Tasik Biru DAP operations centre here, adding that the outcome of the survey might be different if the survey was done now after the barring of certain lawmakers and activists from entering the state

“If you were to carry out the survey now after the arbitrary banning opposition leaders, things would be different. I am inclined to believe that the survey would not be siding (Tan Sri) Adenan (Satem) as much as it did in the survey,” said Chong.

He added that this was because people can now see his true colours based on what he has done.

The report on the survey that was released on Tuesday said that support for Adenan among the Chinese community has increased since 2013.

Data in the report showed that the Chinese support which was a meagre 15 percent in Dec 2013 and had made a jump to 71 percent in January this year.